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What is a dental crown?

What is root canal?

What is a dental implant?

What is an extraction?

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At Pershore Smiles, we provide a wide range of dental treatments to restore failing dentition or for those patients wishing to rejuvenate their smile.

This will involve a detailed Oral Health Assessment and diagnostic wax-ups where, by using dental wax techniques we can visualise the desired final treatment results and identify the potential treatment options available.

We strive to work closely with all our patients to secure and rejuvenate their dental health and achieve the smile they always wanted now and for years to come.

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At Pershore Smiles, we aim to deliver the care you deserve. Our experienced clinicians will be able to assess your dental suitability for a dental implant.


You must be in good general and dental health with adequate good bone structure and healthy gums.

Dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from titanium and it is placed into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth or bridge.

It’s the ideal option to replace one or more missing teeth, due to dental decay, trauma or some other reason.



At Pershore Smiles we believe in preventative dental care. We strive to educate parents and their children about the hidden factors in our diet and habits that affects the teeth and its development.

We strive to work closely with all the children to secure their dental health now and for years to come.

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At Pershore Smiles, our dental hygiene service aims at prevention, education, and treatment of gum disease. We will guide you on how to maintain clean teeth, thereby reducing the likelihood of bad breath and dental decay.

Dental hygiene involves a change in behaviour relating to tooth brushing and flossing, reducing dietary sugars, as well as smoking cessation.



At Pershore Smiles, we are committed to treating all our patients as an individual. We aim to tailor all treatments to suit our patient’s dental needs.

We offer a wide range of general dental treatments such as: fillings, extraction, and fissure sealants. It is our philosophy to promote dental health and encourage preventative techniques to help our patients maintain good dental health.

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