What to do?

Please complete the form below and include photos where possible, our clinical team will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment as soon as possible.  

Or you can ring our reception team on 01386 719656 and we will do our best to book you an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Out of Hours
Tel: 07495 555 003

Monday – 5pm – 11pm
Tuesday – 5pm – 11pm
Wednesday – 5pm – 11pm
Thursday – 5pm -11pm
Friday – 5pm – 11pm
Saturday – 9am – 11pm
Sunday – 9am – 11pm

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are considered to be;

Severe Pain
Severe Swelling
Severe Bleeding
Severe Dental Injury

Dental Emergency Contact

Please upload as many photos of the problem area as possible, this will allow our dentist to make an initial assessment. 

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