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What is root canal?

  • If your tooth’s nerve chamber becomes infected by decay, or damaged by injury, root canal treatment is often the only way to save your tooth.

  • Inside the enamel (hard outer shell of the tooth) There is a secondary protection layer called dentine. Inside the dentine is a specific area called the pulp or nerve chamber.

  • In a root canal, the dentist removes the damaged or infected pulp and replaces it with a special filler which helps protect the rest of the tooth. This filler will probably last a lifetime but you may need a new filling or a cap on the tooth.

  • Without root canal treatment, the gum and bone around the tooth may become infected and a painful gumboil/ abscess may form.

  • The pulp chamber contains blood vessels and nerves to provide nutrients for the tooth. Deep cavities or other injury can cause damage to or infection of the tooth pulp.

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